The Successful Wedding Photographer Published by Photopreneur

I recently got my copy of The Successful Wedding Photographer book by Photopreneur, and proceeded to read all 285 pages in one weekend!  I couldn’t put it down, because it’s always great to learn how other wedding photographers approach their businesses. I feel extremely grateful to have had my wedding photography business feature in the book, it’s a great honor.

For today’s post, I have an interview with Photopreneur spokesperson, Scott Baradell, regarding The Successful Wedding Photographer.

african american bride in limo, on way to wedding ceremony

Q: How did the idea for The Successful Wedding Photographer develop?
A: The Photopreneur blog ( has long been one of the Web’s top resources for photographers of all experience and skill levels who are looking for new and creative ways to make money with photography. Wedding photography is one of the hottest opportunities for photographers today, but also one of the most competitive. So we thought we’d lend our expertise to teach photographers how to stand out from the pack and carve out their own business.

Q: Who is this book for?
A: This book is for anyone with an eye for an image, skill with their camera and the idea of building a business out of their love for photography. If you are an amateur who wants to go pro, or a pro who wants to get better at marketing and using the Web to secure more bookings, this book is for you.

Q: What are some of the lessons and topics explored in this book?
A: We cover everything from winning referral and repeat business to creating a Web site that converts visitors into bookings and building a personal brand though social networking. Beyond shooting the wedding itself, we explore other ways to make money from your work, such as selling your work through stock photo sites and offering wedding photography workshops.

Q: What separates The Successful Wedding Photographer from other wedding photography books?
A: Two things: first, it is focused on extremely practical advice – for example, walking you step by step through strategies to improve your search position with Google and draw more traffic to your site. It also focuses on the new tools that successful wedding photographers should be using today, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Flickr.

Q: Why do you think The Successful Wedding Photographer has done so well in presales?
A: Everyone with a digital camera and a Web site today can call themselves a photographer – which means that making money from photography is very much about being a smart, aggressive marketer. You can’t just take pictures, post them on your Web site and hope people will want to hire you to shoot their wedding ceremony; you have to go out and get the business.

Q: How does this book fit in to the Photopreneur repertoire?
A: We’ve already had one very successful book, 99 Ways to Make Money from Your Photos and we expect to offer books with this kind of practical advice regularly going forward. We have the best focus group in the world for determining our subject matter – our thousands of readers.

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