The Dress: Let Your Personality And Heritage Inspire You

In continuation with my guest blog series, I’m pleased to introduce you to wedding planners, Liz Agbor-tabi and Akua Ardayfio of Fete Atelier. Today’s featured article, the team at Fete Atelier shares some of their thoughts and ideas that explore the wedding dress. Dedicated to excellence, both Liz and Akua bring their business and creative expertise to each event. If you would like to learn more about how Fete Atelier can help you on your wedding day, please visit

nyc wedding dresses, Weddings by Chris Leary PhotographyThe Dress:  Let Your Personality And Heritage Inspire You

By Fete Atelier Team

Nothing tells you more about a bride than her dress.  The gothic bride might throw on a black dress, the princess bride will dazzle you with her layers of tulle, the Jane Austen-loving bride might take you back with her 19th century inspired gown, and the artistic bride might wear something a little more modern vintage. Whatever the bride walks down the aisle in, it’s important to her that her dress reflects her style, personality and most importantly her and her husband-to-be’s background. Using your dress to reflect your cultural background is one of the best ways to reflect who you are at your wedding.  Sometimes steering away from the traditional white or ivory dress is tricky or down right scary, but there are definitely ways to do it!

Think Color!

Don’t be afraid of color on your wedding day. Color and culture are practically synonymous and using colors that reflect something about your heritage is a bold way of making a personal statement. Lisa Ling looked ravishing in red at her 2007 nuptials. The 34-year old TV reporter’s dress completely reflected her Asian background and showed that not all brides have to wear white – you can look good in color on your wedding day. In China, white would be an inappropriate color for a bridal gown because traditionally, it’s the color of mourning, while red is a color for good luck and celebration. On the other hand, red is a color of mourning in other countries like Ghana. The lesson here is to find out what your favorite color means in your culture, and then incorporate it as the main color for your dress, or throw in a splash as an accent or in an accessory for your big day.

Think Fabric and Think Customized!

Maybe your dream dress is overpriced or is lacking the detail that makes it just you! Take the design and customize it using traditional fabric. If you’re not in love with tulle, using a traditional fabric to make a customized dress is a great way to show your heritage with your dress. For my wedding, I chose a traditional fabric in white and had a dress custom made – the result was perfect. My groom also wore a shirt traditionally worn by men in my country instead of the traditional suit or tux. Find a gorgeous fabric and have a dress made. For Indian influence, the sari fabric has always been inspiring in terms of its texture and bold colors. Ghana’s kente cloth is also rich in color and can be used in making a rich, breathtaking dress. Nigeria’s ashoke fabric is gorgeous, versatile and comes in various colors.

The traditional wedding dress is evolving; so do not be scared to try new and different things. There are so many ways for a bride to wear her heritage or celebrate her culture when she walks down the aisle. Starting with accessories all the way to the dress, the possibilities are truly endless.

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